January 14
House at the Laurel Playhouse (see flier)
February 3
The Underpants at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theater in Rockville, Maryland (see flier)
February 24
Live performance broadcast from the Metropolitan Opera House of La Boheme at the Laurel Playhouse (see flier)

March 18

National Philharmonic Orchestra at Strathmore
(see flier)

April 8
Boston Pops Concert at Strathmore (see flier)
April 15
Brunch with President Vincent Boudreau of the City College of New York (see flier)
April 22
Baltimore Museum visit (see fier)
April 24
Brahms at Strathmore (see flier)
May 5
Visit to the National Arboretum
June 3
Newsies at Toby's Dinner Theater
August 25
Baseball Game at Camden Yards

*Dates and details are subject to change

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